Volunteer Opportunities

ˮƵ provides opportunities to remain involved after you graduate. Caring volunteers enhance ˮƵ's programs and activities and are integral in promoting the reputation of the college.

Class Agents

Give back by helping ˮƵ contact classmates and foster a deep connection between the college and its alumni. Agents encourage participation in college and alumni events, and they motivate classmates to increase the financial stability of the college through annual giving.

Class Correspondents

Stay engaged by gathering and writing news about classmates for the Class Notes section of the bi-annual ˮƵ Magazine. Correspondents also keep the Office of Alumni Relations updated on classmates' contact information and assist in locating lost classmates.

Event Hosting

Host or coordinate an alumni event in your area with assistance from staff in the Office of Alumni Relations — it's a fun and convenient way for alumni to connect when it isn't possible to return to campus.

Reunion Committee

Work with the Office of Alumni Relations to plan and coordinate Homecoming events and class reunion activities, and encourage attendance by inviting your classmates back to campus.

Volunteer in Admissions

Help promote ˮƵ by sharing your experiences. As an admissions volunteer, you can give back by passing on your valuable institutional knowledge to current and prospective students and their families.

Learn More

If you have general questions about volunteering at ˮƵ, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Tracey Austin at 603.526.3886 or taustin@colby-sawyer.edu.